Memoranda of Understanding

Memoranda of Understanding are signed between U of T and international partners to outline our shared intent to collaborate on a set of agreed-upon joint activities. Typically the institution or a division enters into an MOU to build on an already existing collaboration, and to signal a deeper commitment to fostering research and educational cooperation through that partnership.

Activities that MoUs can facilitate include:

  1. Joint research collaborations

  2. Joint courses, as well as student mobility agreements such as internships, study abroad, exchange, and fellowships (a separate student exchange agreement is required)

  3. Exchange of faculty, trainees and staff

  4. Co-hosting of lectures, meetings, symposia and conferences

  5. Exchange of academic material

  6. Joint application for funding from relevant funding agencies

  7. Joint commitment to co-funding of projects

Individuals/units that are contemplating an MOU are encouraged to contact We would be pleased to advise and facilitate.

Existing agreements and agreement templates can be accessed via the International Portal by University of Toronto divisional representatives. To request access to the International Portal, please contact