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Centre for International Experience

Are you a student? U of T’s Centre for International Experience (CIE), offers a range of programs and services for international students on our campuses and supports all students seeking global learning opportunities.

Staff Directory

Edwina Apaw

Program Manager, Africa Strategy

Michelle Beaton

Director, International Relations

Gwen Burrows

Assistant Vice-President, International Engagement & Impact

JesusMiracle Chiadika

Regional Lead, Africa

Laura Dykstra

Manager, Cross Portfolio Initiatives
(416) 978-4314

Alexandra Kavanagh

Event Coordinator, Regional Events

Tak Koguchi

Regional Lead, Africa
(416) 946-0253

Illan Kramer

Director, International Research Partnerships
(416) 946-3661

Penina Lam

Senior Director, International Relations
(416) 946-8328

Vanessa Laufer 

Director, International Relations
(416) 946-3660

Lidy Lee

Administrative Coordinator & Executive Assistant
(416) 978-0225

Luke Li

Regional Lead, East Asia, Middle East, and North Africa

Alex Mihailidis

Associate Vice-President, International Partnerships
(416) 978-0888

Marie Therese Ndiaye

Regional Lead, Africa

Edward Nkole

Senior Planning & Budget Officer

Tom Parker

Grants and Office Manager

Rhoda Philip

Regional Lead, Africa

Marjorie Reyes

Administrative Assistant
(416) 946-5851

Kevin Rowley

Special Projects Officer

Alicja Sobecka

Regional Lead for Southeast Asia, Japan, and Oceania

Sonia Sugumar

Associate Director, Corporate Partnerships and Blue Door Community
(416) 978-5330

Alexie Tcheuyap

Associate Vice-President & Provost, International Student Experience
(416) 978-5401

Elina Tulla

Regional Lead, Europe
(416) 978-3925

Joseph Wong

Vice-President, International
(416) 978-5401

Rikki Zhao

Director, China Partnership


Regional Lead, The Americas