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Europe/UK is home to many of U of T’s most robust partnerships, which have developed through a long history of faculty collaborations, student mobility, and staff partnerships.

Partnerships in the Region

European countries are among U of T’s top collaborators, including the United Kingdom which is our 2nd largest partner for co-authored publications. Top areas for joint publication include medicine, social sciences, computer science, engineering, and physics and astronomy. Our faculty play leadership roles in many Europe-based institutes, including the Max Planck Society in Germany. European countries are consistently among the most popular for both inbound and outbound student mobility.

U of T’s strategic engagement in Europe is informed by a President’s International Council, comprised of U of T faculty members with expertise in the region and an International Leadership Council, comprised of U of T senior alumni based in the region.

U of T maintains strong strategic partnerships with corporations from across Europe and the UK. We have long-running relationships with companies headquartered in France (e.g. Safran, Total, Sanofi, Schlumberger) and Germany (e.g. Boehringer Ingleheim, Merck KGaA, BASF, Bayer). The University also frequently partners with British, Dutch, Swedish, and Swiss based corporations.

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