Message to the Community on the War in the Middle East

The University of Toronto is deeply saddened by the attack on Israel’s civilian population, the outbreak of war this past weekend, and the ongoing volatility in the region. We condemn terrorist violence and express our horror at the kidnapping of civilians.  We share our immense grief for the loss of life and offer our heartfelt condolences to all those suffering in Israel and Palestine and to everyone who has been personally impacted.

The University joins the international community in its calls for a peaceful resolution to the conflict, grounded in dialogue.

Over the weekend, we immediately contacted our students in the region and confirmed their safety. We have also reached out to international students from the region studying at U of T to offer our support. The University recognizes that many in our community have direct and indirect ties to the Middle East and we are concerned for everyone’s well-being.

Students in need of immediate support are asked to contact U of T Telus Health Student Support at 1-844-451-9700. Faculty, staff and librarians are encouraged to contact the Employee and Family Assistance Program at 1-855-597-2110.

Students seeking academic support services and/or considerations are advised as follows:

As in any conflict, members of our community will hold strong and opposing views. In keeping with the University’s unwavering commitment to the values of diversity, inclusion and the open exchange of ideas, we urge our community to engage in respectful dialogue.

Joseph Wong
Vice-President, International